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Semiconductor Today: Implications for LEDs of the Shift to Large-Diameter Sapphire Wafers

5/6/2015 Semiconductor Today: Implications for LEDs of the Shift to Large-Diameter Sapphire Wafers +
2/10/2015 New York Times: Rubicon Technology Achieves Sapphire Production Breakthrough with Largest Sapphire Window Ever Produced +
11/11/14 SSL Design, Sapphire Substrate Advances Lead to Brighter LEDs at Lower Costs +
7/29/14 LEDs Magazine, Patterned Substrates Enhance LED Light Extraction +
6/3/14 Semiconductor Today, Marked Advancement in  Sapphire Crystal Quality from Improved Process Control +
5/6/14 Photonics Online, Rubicon Tecchnology Shows High Quality Optical Sapphire Products at SPIE Defense, Security and Sensing 2014 +
2/20/14, Rubicon: Sapphire Demand 'Rebounding' +
2/13/14 Compound Semiconductor, Rubicon to Display Large-Diameter Patterned Sapphire Substrates +
1/21/14 Compound Semiconductor, Rubicon Reveals Sapphire Plans +
9/9/13 Novus Light, Optical-Grade Sapphire: Where Quality Matters +
6/13/13 LED Journal, White Paper Highlights “Opportunities for Sapphire” +
6/4/13 Designing with LEDS, Sapphire Savvy Requires a Peek into LED Market +
5/31/13 Laser Focus World, Rubicon Technology and IMS Research Publish White Paper Highlighting "Opportunities for Sapphire"; New White Paper Examines the LED Market and Emerging Markets for Sapphire +
5/31/13 Semiconductor Today, White Paper Examines Opportunities for Sapphire +
4/30/13, Rubicon Speaks About New Process to Produce Large Optical-grade Sapphire Windows at SPIE Defense, Security and Sensing 2013 +
4/30/13 Novus Light, Defense, Security + Sensing 2013: Rubicon Presents Process for Large Optical-grade Sapphire Windows +
3/28/13 Compound Semiconductor, Rubicon Awarded Asymmetrical Wafer Configuration Patent +
3/22/13 Discovery News, Smartphones Could Get Sapphire Touch Screens +
3/01/13 Compound Semiconductor, Vertical integration Streamlines Sapphire Production +
3/01/13 LEDs Magazine, LED Manufacturers Reduce Cost with Automation, Larger Wafers, New Materials +
2/13/13 LED Journal, Rubicon Technology Ships 400,000th Large Diameter Sapphire Wafer +
2/11/13 Chicago Grid, Made In Chicago: Rubicon Sapphire Wafers +
12/19/12 Semiconductor Today, Rubicon Awarded Patent for Ultra-flat, High-throughput Wafer Lapping +
8/16/12 Airforce Technology, Rubicon to Develop Sapphire Windows for Military Applications +
8/15/12, Rubicon Develops New Sapphire Window Technique +
8/14/12 Electronics Weekly, Rubicon Uses Sapphire Glass for Military IR Sensors +