Consumer Electronics

Sapphire is emerging as a highly desirable scratch-proof material for the exterior of smartphones, smart watches, and other consumer electronic devices. Sapphire has excellent touch capacitance and display clarity, and because of its single-crystal nature may have other benefits for phone manufacturers as well.  Since the introduction of sapphire lens covers for the cameras of certain phones in 2012 and the sapphire-covered home button for fingerprint recognition in 2013, sapphire has been a hot topic in consumer electronics. The volume of sapphire required for camera lens covers provided a small but noticeable increase in global sapphire demand; the amount required for high-volume face plates would require additional dedicated capacity. Sapphire is more costly than the glass typically used in these applications today, mainly because sapphire’s hardness makes the cutting and polishing expensive.  Rubicon is working on innovative, cost-effective, solutions that would drastically reduce fabrication costs. 

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