Sapphire is the predominant substrate material used to produce a vast majority of all blue, white, green and UV LEDS. The list of applications for LEDs continues to grow, with increasing demand for LEDs in the high-volume/high-demand consumer electronics and general lighting industries in products such as light bulbs, large displays, traffic lights, HDTVs, tablets, netbooks, computer monitors, gaming systems and mobile phones.

With their environmentally-friendly, durable and energy efficient properties, Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are the future of lighting. And large-diameter sapphire is the future of LED manufacturing. The advantages of large-diameter sapphire in this market are clear – manufacturers achieve greater throughput with more useable surface area on larger substrates, losing less area around the edges and realizing operational efficiencies. LED manufacturers in all markets realize that continued growth hinges on improved performance and reduced cost.

Sapphire is to LEDs as silicon is to microprocessors, and Rubicon is the acknowledged worldwide market leader in sapphire for LEDs – and produces and delivers more large-diameter sapphire than any other vendor. Our proprietary ES2 crystal growth technology and end-to-end manufacturing and fabrication capability enables us to deliver customized products to meet our customers' exacting needs. Rubicon offers sapphire ingot and sapphire wafer products for LED production.