Optical Windows


Product Specifications

Optical Windows



  • ES2 High Purity Sapphire (99.999%)

Crystal Quality

  • Optical Grades
  • No Grain Boundaries, Twins, Lineages, or Crack


  • Best UV Grade sapphire in the industry


  • C–Plane (0001)
  • A–Plane (11-20)
  • R–Plane (10-12)
  • M–Plane (10-10)
  • Random

Shape and Sizes

  • Round Up to 12” (300 mm)
  • Square/Rectangle Up to 250 mm Dimensions

Rod Stock Length 

  • Up to 200 mm


  • Up to 50mm +

Surface Finish 

  • Fine Grind
  • Single or Double Side Polished

Available Options 

  • Beveled and Chamfered Edges
  • Radius Corners, Custom Shapes and Features




Custom Specifications not listed above are also available


In optical applications ranging from Defense/Aerospace and Instrumentation to Medical Device and Semiconductor equipment, Rubicon’s ES2 crystal growth and manufacturing technologies provide a full range of sapphire windows of high optical quality and strength, including round windows up to 300 mm or 12 inches in diameter.

Product Specifications

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