ES2 Crystal Growth

Rubicon's proprietary ES2 crystal growth technology platform, derived from the Kyropoulos method, produces the highest quality sapphire crystals. Our crystal growth furnace design is unique to Rubicon, and we build the furnaces in-house. Our highly automated process is closely monitored by our crystal growth experts to provide consistent high quality and yield. Rubicon’s sapphire boules grow unconstrained in a low-stress environment with a lower thermal gradient than in other crystal growth methodologies. The result is superior quality sapphire with

  • the industry’s lowest etch pit, or dislocation, density (EPD)
  • higher crystal purity (99.996%)
  • high transmission in the UV range
  • best crystalline perfection (by x-ray rocking curve method) in industry
  • best refractive index homogeneity in industry
  • and greater uniformity compared with competing sapphire products, even as size scales up.

Our ES2 crystal growth platform has enabled us to rapidly scale up production of high-volume, large-diameter sapphire at low cost. We are a high-volume producer of six-inch epi-polished sapphire wafers and are fully capable today for high-volume production of eight-inch wafers. We have also demonstrated twelve-inch wafers. As our markets move toward the efficiencies available with larger diameter wafers, superior quality sapphire crystal is more important than ever.